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Yacht Charter Destinations Are Endless – Where Will You Go?

Charter is dynamic and powerful, whether you are a habitual Charterer or you are exploring a new experience, the memories created while chartering are irreplaceable.

Where each ingredient is custom-tailored for you and your family, where ever in the world you want that to be.  From peaceful tranquility, exquisite cuisine, water sports or adventurous exploration, there is nothing that can duplicate memories created onboard a yacht.

The Destinations and Yacht choices are literally endless, Yachting Select has the knowledge and experience to quickly fine-tune your ideas for a Dream Holiday into an incredible reality.  Our success is defined by how fast and effectively we can exceed your expectations.

Experience The Difference, We Can Hand Craft Tailor Your Next Charter Inspiration!  Contact Us Today.


The Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean is an incredibly historic region that symbolizes legendary myths and fierce battles.  A journey where you will be constantly surrounded by the most incredible ever-changing backgrounds of breathtaking islands, pristine beaches, and mountains.  Each destination along your journey will offer a unique experience of rich culture, traditions, gastronomy and amazing memories of their special traditions.


The Greek Islands

Greece, has some of the most captivating seascapes, cities and ruins. Everything about the islands and culture is magical and romantic. Whether cruising the incredible island coastlines, ashore exploring the ancient ruins or the amazing tavernas, there are endless unforgettable experiences to enjoy.

Bask in the wonder of the stone buildings in Santorini or the pure white sand beaches in Mykonos, you will constantly be engulfed in unique beauty. There are so many amazing ways to customize a new experience every time you visit Greece that will make you come back again and again.

Alanya Castle

Croatia, Montenegro and Turkey

The lure of the Dalmatian Coast is so seductive for any seasoned traveler.  The islands are lush with ancient walled cities and history everywhere you look. From the walled city of Zadar, or explore Roman Emperor Diocletian’s Palace in Split, there are endless onshore adventures.

Yachting is one of the most spectacular ways to experience these regions, from the Croatian islands of Hvar, Zagreb to Zadar, Kotor to Korcula, you will enjoy unparalleled splendor at every turn.  The history and incredible experiences do not stop there, continue on your journey to Turkey and visit the historic city of Ephesus, where you’ll find temples, theaters, and a library, that date back 2,000 years. Considered one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The Eastern Med has so much to anyone looking for a new adventure!


The Western Mediterranean

The Western Mediterranean is full of endless treasures to explore from the La Sagrada Família cathedral in Barcelona to the blue- and white-tiled murals scattered throughout Lisbon. In Florence you can experience the Renaissance masters including Da Vinci and Botticelli, or stop by the Galleria dell’Accademia and see Michelangelo’s “David” in person.

Every stop along the way will tantalize your tastebuds, each country with unique delectable cuisines.  There are endless excursions ashore for everyone, from upscale boutiques, amazing outdoor cafes or enjoy the surrounding beaches and refresh yourself in the cool Mediterranean Sea.

Italian Coast

Corsica and Sardinia

Corsica and Sardinia are the epitome of true extravagance and pure relaxation.  Everything you would want from most exclusive chic beach clubs to offshore islands as empty as the Tuscan Archipelago.

Although many similarities, Corsica and Sardinia are dramatically different and independent in their culture, cuisine and landscape.  Corsica, having been sold to Paris by Genoa in 1769 shows a degree of French influence, not only in language but also in the cuisine.

Sardinia’s Costa Smeralda, “Emerald Coast,” is considered the yachting Mecca. Featuring some of the Mediterranean’s finest beaches along with some of the most amazing marinas, iconic hotels and liveliest nightclubs.

The varied qualities and theatrical contrasts between the two islands make Sardinia and Corsica a yachting haven, sure to create an unforgettable memory for you and your family.


The French Riviera

Known the world over for its glamour and beauty, The Côte d’Azur is an infamous destination that epitomizes the joie de vivre.  Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Antibes, and Saint Tropez include some of the world’s most glamorous beaches, coves, impressive views, and azure water.  Each city having its own amazing feel with an incredibly vibrant cultural scene.

These cities take the Holiday Retreat to a whole new level, with the “See and Be Seen” beaches, boardwalks of Cannes and Monaco, the lavender fields of Grasse and the medieval villages of Èze.  There are so many places to explore including some of the Worlds top festivals like the Film Festival of Cannes, the Carnival of Nice, the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Monaco, or the Lemon Festival in Menton to name a few.


The Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are one of the Summers Top places to Holiday, with world-class beaches, tranquil turquoise waters, picturesque coves and a near-perfect climate.  The Balearic Islands have been part of the  Spanish territory since 1349 and history dates back to 1200BC.

The Balearic’s are four incredible islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. Each with its own unique character, customs, and traditions that will ensure some of the most memorable experiences of your life.  Menorca, the smaller islands, has more of beach then Mallorca and Ibiza combined.

Without a doubt a top destination for everyone to enjoy!


Northern Europe

Northern Europe is a destination unlike anything else, with dramatic landscapes, incredible architecture, history and culture.  From sweeping green hills of Scotland; iconic gardens and coastlines of England and Ireland; geothermal activity of Iceland’s glaciers, waterfalls and hot springs; the unspoiled countryside of the Faroe Islands; and the breathtaking fjords of Norway and ice scapes of Svalbard.

Without question one of the most intimate natural experiences and intriguing cultural interactions you will find anywhere in the world.


The Bahamas

The Bahamas is without a doubt one of the top Yachting destinations in the World.  This stunning archipelago has some of the most exotic world-class beaches you will find.  Each island has its own charm, architecture and special way of welcoming you.

Get lost cruising in the Out Islands and experience some of the most unique beachside cocktails and jaw-dropping sunsets.  True seclusion is everywhere you want it to be, the Bahamas is an idyllic setting for spectacular sunny weather, sandy beaches and a yachting paradise.

Ornate white wrought iron bench standing on a wooden floor or deck in front of a window with closed weathered blue wooden shutters in a grunge stained dilapidated wall with cracked decorative tiles


Cuba is a country full of color and hidden treasures. An incredibly unique blend of Latin and Caribbean influences, Cuba’s sensory world of art, music and gastronomy is mesmerizing. Ashore you take a step into the past as colonial-era architecture sets the scene, Cadillacs roam the roads and jazz music fills the streets.

A true hidden treasure, where you can fish offshore, Dive the reefs or explore Havana’s local scene of clubs and artists.  Tour the Hemingway’s haunts in a classic car or disappear off into the countryside to the tobacco mecca of Vinales, where can explore the rolling hills on horseback and learn about the cigar industry and visit local farms and fincas as you dine with the amazing locals of the region.  Cuba is a fantastic destination but requires some advance preparation, worth every effort!

Ornate white wrought iron bench standing on a wooden floor or deck in front of a window with closed weathered blue wooden shutters in a grunge stained dilapidated wall with cracked decorative tiles
St lucia
St lucia

The Caribbean

The Caribbean islands offer the most incredible vibrant cultural diversity.  From pristine sand beaches, renowned rum, quirky castles and unique festivals to bars in the middle of the ocean, there are endless things to do and explore.  When you think you have done it all, there are still so many islands to explore, foods to eat and water excursions to experience that you will never get tired of coming back to the Caribbean.

For instance experience, Grenada’s annual Chocolate Fest, dive with the amazing sea life in the Great Blue Hole off the coast of Belize, explore the batholiths in Virgin Gorda that form a labyrinth of secret rock pools and sun-dappled grottoes, marvel at the beautiful limestone in Gasparee Caves Gaspar on Grande Island, sink your toes into the pink sands at Barbuda, or the stunning luminous lagoon in Jamaica.  The exciting options never end…

great plaza tikal guatemala acropolis palace temple I temple of the great jaguar

Central America

A neighbor to the Caribbean, Central America offers those who explore a dramatically different experience. From rainforests with jungle-lined rivers to exotic animals, coral reefs and some of the best offshore fishing.  The things for you to do and see in Central America are exciting and sure to be unforgettable. Then combine the natural wonders of the vibrant cities and culture you’ll encounter the holiday of a lifetime.

Incredible experiences await like snorkeling or diving the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second largest reef in the world.  Or explore more history and visit Embera Indian Villages, climb into the highlands to discover ancient cities, and visit a sugarcane or coffee producing haciendas.  Whether you decide to enjoy the Caribbean or Pacific side of Central American there are endless options for you to get lost and create incredible memories.

great plaza tikal guatemala acropolis palace temple I temple of the great jaguar
sua trench
sua trench

South Pacific Islands

The allure and beauty of the South Pacific Islands are incomparable to anything you can experience anywhere in the world.  Yachting in this part of the world is absolutely mesmerizing.   Cobalt blue seas and an endless array of stunning beaches, from black sand beaches of Tahiti to candy pink sands of Rangiroa you and your guests will be in utter awe every step of the way.

Whether snorkeling from the white sand beaches of Fiji or diving the ruins of Easter Island the diversity from land to sea is unbelievable.  There are hundreds of Samoan Islands to explore, each with a different culture and custom.  The history lies here in secret ready for you to imagine for yourself.

You can choose to start wherever your heart desires.  From Australia, Fiji, Moorea, Bora Bora, Tahiti, New Caledonia and Pago Pago you will be greeted with the most extraordinary experience that you absolutely can not duplicate anywhere else in the world!

great plaza tikal guatemala acropolis palace temple I temple of the great jaguar

Southeast Asia

Immersed closely to the South Pacific Islands, Southeast Asia has an extraordinarily unique culture, architecture and history settled amongst some of the most exotic lands you will find in the world.  The enchantment of each destination will overwhelm your senses, stunning waters, secluded beaches and tropical paradise everywhere you go.

Whether you are snorkeling the Phi Phi islands, on a zipline in a rainforest or discovering ancient temples, there is incredible amount to experience.  The culinary delights are so diverse, you will get lost discovering the amazing unique cuisines.

There are dozens of destinations each dramatically different, whether you stat in Bali and make your way to Singapore or Bangkok and make your way to Langkawi, you will have one of the most memorable voyages of your life.


The World Is Yours, Chartering Will Take You There!

Dive into the ultimate world of first-class luxury, where you create your own personalized Yacht Charter Experience.  Each ingredient is custom-tailored for you and your family, where ever in the world you want that to be.

With our guided expertise, we can assist in pairing you with the perfect yacht and crew.  Every step of the way is managed to ensure the most unforgettable experience. 

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