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With over 25 years in the Yachting Industry, Yachting Select offers service and expertise custom-tailored to each client’s needs but with the agility and responsiveness of a small company.

The new world of Yachting is strategic, Yachting Select is proactive and the pace of business requires nimble action by knowledgeable decision-makers. We are committed to providing personalized service and professional solutions while always supporting our core values.

We know that our customers expect dedication and demand personalized attention.  Adherence to the highest quality of standards means, quality execution equals quality results.  Our success is defined by how fast and effectively we can exceed your expectations.

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Our Founding


Justin Onofrietti

Licensed and Bonded

Yacht Broker

+1 954.770.5281


Born in upstate New York, Justin found himself drawn from his affinity with the sea, destined to work on the water.  From his first cruises aboard the cutters of the United States Coast Guard and the knowledge gained there, found his beginnings in the Mega Yacht Industry.  Over 25 years later, his enthusiasm remains undimmed.

His experience began in the yachting industry as a Chief Engineer of Private and Charter Yachts which quickly lead to the building of a 47m Mega Yacht in New Zealand in 1998.  Soon after Justin went back to school and became a Captain serving on Private Yachts, Charter Yachts and Yachts in New Construction of lengths up to 60m.

While still a Captain, Justin became a licensed broker in 2003 and turned Brokerage into a full-time career in 2005.  After joining Denison, Justin immediately played an integral role in the growth of the company.  In 2011 was a founding partner in the Dealership of Monte Carlo Yachts at Denison.  He strategically managed their first introduction to the market in the USA, countless new construction projects and the creation and management of after-sales service under their dealership.

Yachting Select was a necessary evolution.  Now with his full focus on creating an environment providing customized personalized service and professional solutions, Justin offers clients a vast array of expertise specifically tailored to their needs from an intimate knowledge of shipyards unique construction processes and full understanding of how each hull design/layout translates to each family’s needs.  Justin will undoubtedly prove invaluable to anyone in the delicate search of their next yacht.

Everyone in Yachting has their next acquisition insight. 

Whatever course you are on, Yachting Select has the tools to create a custom plan to Fine Tune how you Yacht!

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