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Insurance Challenges? We Have Solutions

Insurance Challenges?  We Have Solutions

Yacht Insurance has increasingly become more and more difficult to secure and sometimes the options for coverage are extremely expensive.  There are many reasons why underwriters will not bind a policy for some yachts and or locations.  The criteria for each underwriter changes and is different for each. 

When buying a new Yacht it is very important to discuss your Insurance options with your Broker before finalizing the deal.  Below are some highlights that Insurance Companies consider in evaluating a yacht for coverage.

  • The Value
  • The Age 
  • The Summer Location
  • Technology
  • Cruising Itinerary
  • Losses
  • Yacht Handling Experience
  • Crew or No Crew

You Have Options and we can help.  Yacht Insurance can be frustrating, expensive and confusing.  Yachting Select not only has the knowledge to explain your options but the top contacts in the industry to get you the best quote.  CONTACT US TODAY.

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