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Frequently Asked Questions

Suggested Steps To Plan Your Extraordinary Charter Experience

The World Is Yours, Chartering Will Take You There!

The Epitome Of  First Class World Luxury, where you create your own personalized Yacht Charter Experience.  Each ingredient is custom-tailored for you and your family, wherever in the world you want that to be.  From peaceful tranquility, exquisite cuisine, water sports or adventurous exploration, there is nothing that can duplicate the memories created while onboard a Yacht.

With Our Guided Expertise, we will assist in pairing you with the perfect yacht and crew.  Where every step of the way is managed to ensure the most unforgettable memories that you and your family will cherish. 

Experience The Difference, We Can Hand Craft Tailor Your Next Charter Inspiration! CONTACT US BELOW.


The Most Important first Step Is To Pair Yourself With A Knowledgeable Charter Broker.  Creating and keeping a long, trusted relationship will not only make the process seamless but will protect you from unnecessary oversights.  Below are some recommendations to ensure a smooth process.

  • Do not wait until the last minute to book your charter. Seasoned Charter Clients generally book a year in advance securing the yacht, location and time of year.
  • Determine the type of charter you have in mind. Private family getaway, mix of Family and Friends, or a Corporate Event for top level executives?
  • Explore the destinations that are top on your list and create a short list of where you want to go.
  • Outline the available time frames that you have for the next charter.
  • Contact Us so we can assemble all of your details and zone in on the best options to suit your next Perfect Charter Get Away.
  • There is a lot involved in the pairing of a Yacht and its crew to a particular Charter request, your Charter Broker will investigate the best available options and provide you with a list of the top yachts to choose from.
  • Once you have finalized a decision and sign a MYBA Charter Agreement, your Charter broker will liaise with the Captain to start outlining the perfect itinerary for you and your guests. Everything from food, drinks, excursions and daily destinations will be discussed to prepare for this incredible experience.

Who Is MYBA?  Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association – MYBA is the creator of the industry’s most respected and widely used contracts, the MYBA Sales & Purchase Agreement (MoA) and the MYBA Charter Agreement, which together with their associated documents are regularly updated as regulations and the global market change.

How Long Can A Charter Be?  Term Charters are booked by the week and generally a 7 day booking is required, however your charter broker can negotiate shorter and of course longer term charters.  Availability is based on the confirmed bookings and schedule of the yacht with its owner.

What Are The Payment Terms Required To Charter?  To confirm the booking of a charter, 50% is required.  One month prior to the charter commencing, the remaining 50% plus APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) is required.

What Is Required To Secure A Charter?  To confirm the booking of a charter, 50% is required.  One month prior to the charter commencing, the remaining 50% plus APA (Advanced Provisioning Allowance) is required.

What Is APA?  APA is the Advance Provisioning Allowance.  This money covers the operating expenses of a charter such as fuel, food, drinks, port fees and incidentals.  These funds are given to the Captain before the start of your charter.  This amount is usually 20% to 30% of the Charter Fee depending on the choices made by the Charterer.  If during the charter, the spending exceeds the APA paid, additional cash funds will be required immediately.  All outstanding bills are required to be settled in cash before final you and your guests disembark and any funds remaining at the end of your charter will be reimbursed to you in full.

Are Taxes (VAT) Applicable On The Charter?  Taxes vary depending on where you board and begin your Charter.  Value Added Tax (VAT) is a European tax that is charged and the rates will vary depending on where your board and where you cruise during your charter.  Tax fees will be advised by your Charter Broker during booking process.

Do Charter Rates Fluctuate Depending On The Time Of Year?  High season and low season periods do exist in Charter and rates because of demand do vary.  The beginning of Summer, Christmas and New Year are always in high demand and rates are higher generally during these times.   There are other major events such as the Monaco Grand Prix and the Cannes Film Festival that also require higher rates for booking.

What Is High Season And Low Season?  High Season periods in Term Charters are the beginning of Summer, Christmas and New Year.  Low Season is typically any other part of the year depending on the location of the yacht and its availability.  Other High Season times do exist for specific events, enquire with your Charter Broker to get more specific details.

What Time Can We Board The Yacht On The Day Our Charter Starts?  Charters commence from noon on the first day and terminate by noon on the last day contracted Charter term.

Are Charter Rates Negotiable?  All Charter rates are subject to change.  Offers can be made to an owner for a specific term charter.  Depending on the time of year, available bookings and other requirements based on the Yachts schedule will determine flexibility in pricing.  All prices are quoted are believed to be correct but are subject to change.

How Much In Advance Should I Book A Charter? You should consider a minimum of 6 months of advanced bookings to secure the yacht, crew, and location you want to Charter.  Many times yachts are booked regularly a year in advance by repeat Charter Clients.

Is Phone And Internet Available During A Charter?  Most Yachts today have Cellular and Satellite communications available for Charter Guests.  This should be discussed with your Charter Broker at the time of booking to confirm what is available and what is not available while you are onboard.  Additional fees are required for offshore Internet usage.

Is There Insurance Coverage During My Charter?  Charterers should consider taking out a Cancellation and Curtailment Policy to protect their investment against unforeseen circumstances that prevent or delay a charter.  Charterers should also be covered by Personal Accident, Medical and Personal Effects Insurance coverage.  There are other protections such as Charterers Liability coverage you may consider.  Your Charter broker can help assist and make suggestions at the time of booking.

What Is Included With The Standard Charter Rate?  Almost all Charters are booked using a MYBA agreement.  These terms outline that the yacht, crew, and all equipment are insured for marine risks paid by the owner of the yacht.   All other expenses accrued during the term of the Charter are payable by the Charterer.  This includes but not limited to, fuel, oil, food, drinks, consumables, dry cleaning, dockage, local taxes, port fees etc.  Our Charter Brokers will go over the full details of the charter terms with you at the time of booking.

Are There Limitations To Water Sports And Toys While Onboard?  Some countries have limitations to certain watercraft like jet skis, wave runners and other watercraft.  Likewise, sometimes there are age restrictions and licensing requirements to use certain watercraft or water toys.  This should be discussed in advance so that any required licensing can be done in advance prior to boarding for your Charter.  All Scuba diving done onboard can only be utilized by licensed divers with a licensed dive Master.  Any liabilities arising from non-compliance will be at the risk of the operator.

Is A Crew Tip Required?  Tipping the crew is discretionary depending on the experience while onboard.  The standard Tip for the Crew is 15% of the charter rate and is given to the Captain at the end of the Charter.  The Captain ensures that an equal distribution of the tip is given to all crew members.  The Charterer can also elect to give the tip individually to the crew members at the end of the Charter.  It is not uncommon for a Charterer to give watches and cash to the Crew as a Tip for a great time while onboard.

Is Smoking Permitted?  Most Yachts do not allow any smoking, especially in the staterooms/cabins.  However, some yachts do allow smoking in designated areas.  This should be discussed at the time of booking with your Charter Broker.

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52' (15.85 m) | Flybridge M/Y
52' - Menorquin - 2012 - Flybridge M/Y - BUCCARA XVFlybridge M/Y
Guests: 12 | Cabins: 3
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52' (15.85 m) | Hardtop
52' - Menorquin - 2012 - Hardtop - BUCCARA VIIHardtop
Guests: 12 | Cabins: 3
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50' (15.24 m) | Catamaran
50' - St. Francis - 2008 - Catamaran - TAHINACatamaran
2008 / 2021
Guests: 6 | Cabins: 3
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50' (15.24 m)
50' - Xquisite Yachts - 2023 - X5
Guests: 6 | Cabins: 3
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48' (14.63 m) | Bali 4.8
48' - Catana - 2020 - Bali 4.8 - KittiwakeBali 4.8
Guests: 6 | Cabins: 3
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45' (13.72 m) | T-TOP
45' - Vanquish - 2022 - T-TOP - CeceT-TOP
Guests: 12
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37' (11.28 m)
37' - Sea Ray - 2019 - Nada Mas, Miami
Guests: 13 | Cabins: 1
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The World Is Yours, Chartering Will Take You There!

Dive into the ultimate world of first-class luxury, where you create your own personalized Yacht Charter Experience.  Each ingredient is custom-tailored for you and your family, where ever in the world you want that to be.

With our guided expertise, we can assist in pairing you with the perfect yacht and crew.  Every step of the way is managed to ensure the most unforgettable experience. 

Contact Us Today And We Will Hand Craft Tailor Your Next Charter Get Away.

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